Sunday, July 8, 2007


Another rainy day, all day drizzle. We visited the Maritime Museum, where Jacob's great great grandfather went to school to be a sailor and eventually captain of his own ship.
No Anna, Helena was not his ship.
After dinner chores. Jacob was not very happy to do the dishes but did them anyway. What a good kid. Aija had baked some pulla for us, so that helped to cheer him up.

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  1. I like your pictures very much - the buildings are very colourful! It is nice to have the rain when you are needing it. Have they had a wet summer in Finland? I attacked the rose mountain yesterday and trimmed it on the sides. The top is just way out of my reach. It is still massive even though I got 2 huge bags of trimmings from it.

    Today is cool - barely in the 70's! E & R went to see Harry Potter 5 today - just called and said it was really good. They cried which is a positive sign for the movie.

    Keep up the good postings.