Sunday, January 25, 2009

SATURDAY walk on Florida

Korean Christian Church on University and Florida
a nondenominational church established in October of 1968
the small dot up in the sky is not dirt on the lens but a remote control airplaneClass of 2009Another dead end DUG (Denver Urban Gardens) was created in 1985 with a handful of volunteers who created three gardens in northwest Denver. Today, DUG's 80 active sites stretch beyond Denver and into nine surrounding cities.
The Urquhart Memorial Garden serves as a catalyst for community, and even neighbors who don’t have their own garden plots attend harvest festivals, donate money, and help keep the garden looking beautiful.
I-25 is behind that stone wall
New house
Old house

another Old house
Old house, New house
another Old house, New house
Old house, New house, Old house
new skill: going, going; come BACK!

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